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Your car’s engine has hundreds of parts working together, when they rub against each other there is friction. Where there is friction there is massive amounts of heat that can cause extensive damage to your engine. That’s why clean oil is so essential to a well running engine. Oil has two jobs in an engine, to lubricate the moving parts and cool them as it circulates.
If your engine were to run out of oil, the moving parts would create so much heat the engine would lock up. If your engine seizes there is no way undo the damage, instead you have to purchase a new engine. We can all agree that oil is essential to a working engine, but did you know that oil breaks down over time becoming less affective? In addition, debris can work their way into your engine and your oil.

When Do You Need an Oil Change?

Engines run better on clean fresh oil and regular oil changes are one of the best ways to keep your engine in top condition. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended miles between oil changes. Newer vehicles no longer adhere to the 3,000 miles standby, some go as much as 7,000 miles between oil changes.
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