Affordable Brake Repair in Albuquerque

If you suspect your car is having brake problems, don’t hesitate to bring it in to the trusted technicians at M & F Auto Sales. Our auto service center will inspect your car and give you a complimentary estimate. When your vehicle isn't stopping like it should, make excessive squealing sounds, or the brakes feel soft, stop by our service department for an honest evaluation.

Your car’s brakes are an important factor to safe driving, so brake issues must be taken seriously. Have your brakes checked before a small issue develops into a serious problem. It’s essential for the safety of you and those around you to have your brake problems addressed immediately.


What Does the Complete Brake Service Include?

When you bring your car into M & F Auto Sales for brake service we will assess the damage and give you the most accurate estimate possible of the work required. Then we will install new brake shoes and pads, re-surface the rotors and drums and test drive the vehicle. More extensive brake problems might include replacing the master cylinder or servicing the anti-lock brake systems. Feel free to ask us as many questions as you like when we service your car, we want you to bring your car in for service with confidence.

Brake Repair at M & F Auto Sales