Air Conditioning Auto Repair Services at M & F Auto Sales

Summer in the Albuquerque is no joke, this part of the nation demands air conditioning. Even a short ride in a car with a poorly working air conditioner will leave you drenched in sweat. The auto service center and repair center can certainly get your AC system blowing ice cold again. If you have a problem sticking to your seat, bring your car into the service department at M & F Auto Sales and we will have you fixed up in no time.

Our certified technicians can easily identify if you are low on coolant or if you might need more extensive work, like replacing a faulty part. We asked our technicians for some sure signs that your car's A/C may need some attention:

  • If your A/C system isn’t cooling your vehicle to the correct temperature.
  • The fan doesn’t work when the A/C is on.
  • The fan or engine is louder than normal when the A/C is in use.
  • The dash controls are not working.
  • Some vents are not working.
  • Your car stalls or idles roughly when the A/C is engaged.
  • Your vehicle is overheating when the A/C is on.
  • You notice water on your car’s floor.
  • There are unusual odors in the car when the A/C is on.
  • If you haven’t had your A/C serviced regularly.

Regular maintenance can catch little issues before they become expensive problems, so bring your car in to M & F Auto Sales for an A/C service today. Fill out our easy to use online auto service form to schedule a service appointment.

Air Conditioning Repair in Albuquerque - M & F Auto Sales